What's New for Weddings in 2021

Well lets start with the ever growing question of ''is it happening'' in short Yes! As to how its happening, we are still an industry led by the government rules, so until 6th March 2021 its 15 people in attendance including the bride and groom (this does not include people working for your wedding) this is the same for tier 1 & 2 areas, tier 3 areas and not allowed to hold ceremonies. After this date and we are all eagerly awaiting confirmation, but we are hoping for weddings to go ahead with up to 50 day guests. Of course no one can yet say for certain what is going to happen as the government have not been forthcoming with answers for anybody in the wedding and events industry. But we live in hope! As for Evening guests and entertainment in the form of live events and discos with dancing no body has an answer to that yet :( but again we are waiting for a better clarification in the new year.


We have however developed some amazing new items in effectively what as been known here as The Boris Enforced Holiday. These can be added to any of your current bookings at a discounted price until 14th Feb 2021.


This rustic ladder is natural wood and can come empty or decorated, it is used for seating plans or to place pictures of your loved ones who are unable to join you on your big day or just for added decoration to brighten up an unusable corner.

Sweet Crates

These versatile crates can be stacked in many arrangements to suit your and your guests. We hire these out with all the sweet jars and tongs you need so you can full them yourself saving you money without compromising on style!

Welcome signs

we have 4 new welcome signs available to hire in Beautiful Birch or Matte White. These are available in both circle and cornered oblong.

All signs come with Full personalisation as standard.


These statement LOVE letters are hand made by us and filled with over 17,000 flowers.

standing at an impressive 4ft by 16ft wide not only are they a real wow item they are bespoke to us

We also have a new rustic confetti station, post box and centre pieces to follow soon, so keep tuned in to see these!!

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