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Being Wedding Safe - The Criteria


This is to let you know that we are taking all the steps we need to so you can have the best experience possible on your wedding day during these current covid-19 circumstances.

We are constantly running checks to make sure we are up to date with the current relevant guidance surrounding weddings and complying with all the rules and regulations.

All companies displaying this logo have committed to the 5 key professional standards across the wedding industry raising the standards and ensuring consumer confidence.

We as a company have to follow all Government regulations. Preform risk assessments - including a COVID risk mitigation for every individual event. Prove we have the relevant insurance and are compliant with the terms. Give out individual contracts including Terms and Conditions with full explanations where required. Be members of the established UK wedding industry.

Wedding Dressing and venue styling for your big day is our passion, but we also take providing the service you deserve personally and continually check we are preforming to the governments standards with the covid-19 pandemic. if you are unsure of any information or are wanting to discuss the risk assessment or any other details then pop us a message and we can get back to you. Decorating wedding venues all over Norfolk and Suffolk means that we do not have a 'standard' risk assessment form we had out. each one is individually tailored to your wedding day by a member of Lowestoft Wedding Hire Ltd professionals usually on the day before work commences.

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