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With so many cake options how can you chooses? here at Lowestoft Wedding Hire, we all LOVE a piece of cake. My personal favourite - fruit cake, but i would never turn down any other cake, apart from carrot cake. Carrots belong with a roast dinner not in my cake!

The traditional wedding cake was always 3 tiers high, made with fruit, then a layer of marzipan and royal icing. Much like a Christmas cake, but now there are no right or wrong cake choices, from chocolate sponge to doughnuts and anything in between.

Gone are the days of the Bride & Groom Traditional cake toppers, now you can have anything you like, if you can think it, then somebody can make it happen. you can have laser cut names in acrylic or wood, 3d images of yourselves printed out, flowers that match the rest of your wedding day (my personal favourite) even drizzled chocolate to take the plainness away from edges just to keep it simple and elegant.

I am a bit of a fan of the new Geode style cakes that have come about in the past year or 2, if done well they look amazing and you can have the inside crystal colour to match your wedding day colours but still keep it traditional looking and plain on the front. (image from Red Balloon Photography)

The naked cakes are a win with anybody who is having a rustic, vintage or natural themed wedding, with the cake coming through the brushed icing it gives it that real wooden undertone of colour, topped with some foliage and figs like in the above picture (cake from Mocha Great Yarmouth image by Denise Brady Photography) it gives that warm and natural feeling.

The Doughnut stack, I prefer to hang my doughnuts on a doughnut wall where they are not all stuck together and you know nobody has had to touch yours to peel their doughnut off, but they are becoming ever popular. Not everybody is a cake fan, and over the past few years there have been more and more weddings without cakes, gone is the tradition of the cake cutting picture - instead a picture of pulling doughnuts from a stack.

Who loves chocolate cake? well we would never turn it down, but on a wedding day with a white dress, i might have to eat it a little more cautiously, i love a chocolate cake but it is hard to keep it in a theme colour unless you have a rustic day or white chocolate you can colour its all just a little to brown?!

Not sure this has been a very helpful blog other than the fact you now know we all love cake here in the office, what i would suggest when picking your cake artist is that you visit a few go with images of items you lake and see what they can suggest, but most importantly TRY LOTS OF CAKE SAMPLES you need it to taste as good as it looks!

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