How do we Ask for Money Politely?

When meeting with couples and helping to show you what looks go together and how to get the most from your venue we also like to chat 'general' wedding details, this gives us a better understanding of you as a couple. During our conversations we often get asked 'how do we ask our guests for money instead of presents we do not want'. So I am sharing with you some poem inserts that may help you.

Feel free to download them or change them as you wish but these will give you a template to work from if nothing else.

My personal favourite quotes i've heard have all been from the Men, unfiltered and uncensored they always make me smile as the Bride's to be rolls their eyes at the fact his just spoken like that in a meeting.

i like the fact their true colours come out, means they are relaxed enough to not make a tense spur of the moment wrong decision on what will be one of the biggest days of their lives together!!

''Can we re-gift the presents we don't like'' - Groom to be

''Nobody wants the crap £5 wine bottle'' - Groom to be

''Your sister will drink anything, she can have the token wine gifts'' - Groom to be

'' Why cant we just tell people we want money'' - Groom to be

'' I've told my friends to just buy me beer all night instead'' - Groom to be

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