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Forward Planning.....

As we try to look forward into 2021 with positivity, the reality is some what under whelming knowing that a high percentage of 2021's weddings are couples we have had to move from 2020, we are not alone in this as all venues/suppliers will tell you. New couples who have recently got engaged and couples who have been saving for the perfect wedding of their dreams are now having to look forwards to 2022/23 dates to be able to get the dates in the month they want.

We have a downloadable check list that we can share with you below. At the moment i would suggest you book your venue your officiant and any suppliers you can A.S.A.P. Even if you can offer them a small booking deposit just to save your date and any items you require because the next few years we are all trying to squeeze everything in to make everybody happy including our existing bookings which may be on their 2nd or 3rd move by the end of 2020. Its been a hard year for Couples but its also been a very tough year for all people involved in the wedding and events industry, but we are all still smiling and working alongside you in the best way we can.


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