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Covid-19 v Weddings

So I’ve been asked to give my constructive thoughts on the covid-19 crisis and it’s impact on my business. I won’t lie, this is version 7 and I’m avoiding all kinds of politics because its not constructive, But I’m not gonna lie, it’s cast a massive cloud over the wedding and events industry.

A few stats now.

As from 28th September 2020 couples are allowed 15 guests to watch them say “I do” After that they can celebrate with a meal.

Your photographers are not included in the 15 so that’s a small bonus.

Is this the kind of wedding you would want?

Weddings are about so much more than the “I do”

They are about the guests, the singing, the dancing, the amazing food and entertainment.

All the things we are no longer allowed to get excited about.

Apparently this is the new normal.

We are one of the few venue decoration companies that have been able to accommodate our clients in moving to new dates and keeping their original dreams in place with very few changes.

To say it’s not been stressful as a business would be a lie. Every booking we have is personal to us and we have repeatedly lived through this nightmare with all of our clients, the difference being we will see it through with them.

This year has been tough. It should have seen us dressing 170 weddings. We’ve done just 8.

Nobody can predict the end to this. The wedding Industry needs a roadmap to be able to guide our clients.

Nobody can predict our new kind of normal. This is an industry of self employed creatives who just love what they do.

We are not unskilled as the government says, we are amazing and we have had little to no financial help.

Yet we still strive to create amazing events, give exceptional customer care and create a day that some have dreamed of since forever.

We simply believe you deserve the best day & we are totally committed to creating that vision.

Here at Lowestoft Wedding Hire Ltd we have been putting together tailor made packages for couples so they can still have their dream decorations at there socially distanced covid-19 secure venues & offering cost effective ways to fill the 'emptiness' of a room.

These are strange times but you still deserve the best for your big day!!

2020 - The year that lost the wedding industry £5.6bn and yet here we are, still smiling and working through changing dates & venues, as we go in order to make your day run as stress free as possible FOR YOU!

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